long walk

such have been the vanities of our time

we forgot the long walk and its debilitation

we loved and thought once was enough

we asked and did not wait for the answers

and now here we are taking for granted again

these mercies, our gifts and love that comes

once, maybe twice but withers as we fade

march on hold my hand take me along

let the wind sing or roar the road turn rough

the skies darken even as i sing and hum

the tunes of our long forgotten song

let me pretend i remember the words

my voice is the only one you won’t forget

it will be here when you listen for me

i mind not this harshness

nor paying every price

for showing up every time

dulling my memory but not my passion

erasing this time of living but not my will

arresting all glory but not our desire

go, live, love…