In Bed With the Universe

She said there was something about the way I look when I am tired that made her fall in love with me. It was Saturday. We were lying in my bed and I was wearing my boyfriend’s favorite t-shirt when she told me this. 

“Why when I’m tired?” 

“Because your eyes pierce me with an ease that begs me to be soft, and I never feel soft.”

I focused on the beauty mark above her lip as she talked, it was perfectly round like a mustard seed. 

 “How do you usually feel?” I asked her as I sat up.

“Like an anchor plummeting to the bottom of the sea.”

I got on top to straddle her, then leaned in for a kiss. 

Her sweet, soft tongue kissed me back.

“It’s ok to feel heavy. I’ll be the sand you can sink into, but only on the weekends,” I said jokingly, but half serious. 

We both laughed. 

As I laid back down next to her, my boyfriend walked in without knocking even though he knows the weekends are reserved for my girlfriend and I. 

I took off his shirt I was wearing and threw it at him. 

“Oh shit, I thought you girls would be out. I’m sorry for not knocking. Thanks for my shirt.” 

He smiled, blew us a kiss, and left the room.

“He probably ran out of clean clothes,” I clarified.

She was unbothered. 

“When I look into your eyes I see the universe,” she said as she stroked my face.

I touched her hand and held it.

“When I taste you, I taste the cosmos and everything else that you’re made of.”

Nightfall came and the moon graced us with her presence. 

We fell asleep gazing into each other’s softness. 

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Marissa is a lifelong writer, relationship coach, and mental health professional. She loves writing and talking about wellness, relationships, fiction, poetry, and spirituality. She believes that balancing emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing is the foundational truth to freedom and growth in love and life.
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