Two Poems

Facebook Mom

My Lil’ Man she calls her dimpled

darling in disposable diapers,

pacifier stuffed in his mouth

like a pig roasting on a spit.

He watches from his baby seat

as his mother shows off white

teeth, cleavage and bare legs

in the selfies she posts daily. 

My Lil’ Man loves his mama, 

she tells her 155 friends.

You are a good Mom,

her friends respond.


He is lucky to have you,

as her Lil Man’s bald head falls

face down in spit up on his chest.

like a passed out drunk.


Bobby and Me

I heard it on the grapevine,

you two dated back in Montana

in your teens, the barmaid blubbers

as she hands me an iced tea

and him a draft. The drunks

around the table are all ears.

She came into the Dairy Queen

and I sold her a curly top cone

and we fell head over heels.

His blue eyes sparkle

over his bushy white beard.

Heads swivel and eyes stare

as I blush like the Bougainvillea’s

crawling up the patio wall.

Cut your BS, my husband says.

You never met my wife until

we retired in Arizona. He hands

the beer back to the barmaid

and his bandmate says: She dumped

me for the basketball star who

married my other girlfriend,

and the crowd murmurs, Right Bobby.

as he grabs his guitar and sings,

Your Cheating Heart directly to me.