Two Poems


Her smile

was my sunshine,


Her words

were my gospel,


Her laugh

still echoes in the

booming of thunder,


Her voice,

which once soothed me,

is now a distant wave

that I struggle and fight to

reach once again only

to drown in my attempts.


The only thing she left me

were the songs she danced to

and hydrangeas she pruned

and still in my greed

it is not enough.


Where once she was my shelter

I must find safety and comfort

now in broken people, trying to

fix them in hopes of them fixing


Daily Horoscope

I’m a cancer and
my dad is a Leo.

His ego fuels his conscience;
my heart is painted
on my skin.

I hear the songs
of the tides
in my reflection while
the blaze of his tongue
is his sanctuary.

Our orbits are intertwined
in defiance of the
galaxies between us.

We weave the
waterfall of hues
from our souls into
a rhapsody that
would dissolve without
the others’ nexus.

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