Two Poems

Two Hearts Make a Sonnet

My heart and yours       alike in a myriad ways
the same strong muscle       the porous receptivity
we speak a similar language        hard-edged
at times      yet with a softness ready to take flight
at any moment       delivering on an inner promise
of benevolence         driven by the same belief
in honesty and courage        knowing how the shape
of a life leads to its inevitable end         my hand or yours
the wielder of the cunning blade        stranded in
this empty place between the burning forests
bending flexible      as we dance our stories into
a setting for mythology to dazzle      dressed in
cotton winding sheets      prepared to raise the doors
to light     and sadness      and a glimpse of infinity.




Do you see me
glass woman
do you see me
in the space between
liquid and solid
do you shatter
in my grip

do you see me
as you sink into
your thickness
until the day
you splinter
fragments of a universe
forever mine.