Two Poems

Broken Sole Soul Survivor

Fragile glass slipping through your loving hands
crashing violently as I scream.
Shattered shards strewn across cold hardwood
soon to be imbedded in your sole.
Sharp slivers piercing tender skin
as you tread carefully ever wary of
grinding my broken pieces into oblivion.

Red wine seeping through the cracks and splits
as I come apart at the seams.
Crimson blood staining delicate crystal
slippery between your gentle fingers.
Red river flowing through chunks of ice
as you gingerly mop up my mess
while picking up the fractured parts of me.
sweep and piece
melt and meld
try and recycle
pull me together
my soulmate

a jagged puzzle
a cutting edge
a poison chalice
half empty, not half full
your checkmate

No crazy glue can hold me together,
broken soul.
Better to save yourself,

my sole soul.
I don’t want to be…
the sole survivor.


A Chemical Reaction

My ice cold heart I locked safe deep in my chest,
and the key I threw away, now rusting, disintegrating,
under layers of frozen, barren tundra.

Warmth emanated from your every pore,
spreading around me like an electric blanket,
the sun in your eyes bringing life to my everlasting winter,
your heat radiating, burning a hole through my permafrost.

A chemical reaction formed via a combustible pairing.
The electric current charged through my veins,
resulting in a spontaneous flare-up, the flames engulfing me,
heat scorching, searing my cold flesh.
Your fingertips touched mine, and the sparks flew,
your hand on my shoulder, and the heat rose,
your arms encircled me, and I melted.

My glacial heart cracked in two,
its ashes strewn about the deadland,
setting free the true heart I’d buried long ago.