I want to lose all my senses

Be bewildered by colors

Which knows no bondages

Which shall set me free

Which shall allow me to whirl with wind

And drown in the depth of truth

envision a world where we bleed blisters and cracks in search of sunlight to light the world

Where we bring the moon to its lover and end its longing

Till it starts to give out light

Where roses heal wounds and time is not waited for

Where we smile with the children

Where laughter causes no pain

And smile gets reflected in our eyes

And all emotions shall be entangled with the rope of kindness 

Where strength is not individual but in community

Where mercy is not in heart but in hands

Where worry is not in mind but in actions

Where we share air and the blood flowing within is the same

I want a world where our lives are not held only by the strings of hope

And where we catch fireflies and not turn them stars

Where love is not wrong but a right

Where we are not scared to face death but 

Exclaim like reaching our true destination

Where I could bring out all the emotions 

And then joy at my creation

Where I won’t have to get myself inspired by the

Pain to bring relief to others in pain