Shards Of Your Heart

are all over the floor.
The front door is open
and I should sweep them out.
Instead, I close the door.
My Brittany growls at me.
I shoo him away.
Instead, I sit at the table
and take a sip of your unfinished wine.
It burns my throat as I swallow.
There were better ways for this to end.
This mess needs a vacuum now.
I finish the last of the wine in your glass.
Dragging the vacuum from the closet,
I plug in and start the motor.
Tomorrow will not be as easy as this.

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 R. Gerry Fabian is an internationally published poet and novelist.
He has published four books of his published poems, Parallels, 
Coming Out Of The Atlantic, Electronic Forecasts and Ball On The Mound.
In addition, he has published three novels : Getting Lucky (The Story),
Memphis Masquerade, and Seventh Sense.
He lives in Doylestown, PA
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