I put one song on a playlist ten times
and then hit shuffle and repeat
I take a shower that’s hot as hell in which
I go over every instant of that argument three summers ago
where I ended up barefoot in the French Quarter
I was scratching at the lid of own my coffin
now I scream at the shower curtain instead
how I needed you then and you left me on read

I could make up a hundred reasons
why I haven’t left my bed for a week
my blankets are getting tired of me
I’m talking to my cat but she just won’t speak

You let go of my hand on Bourbon
as the drum circle went maniacal
all the spirits were rising
and I was going down in a spiral
I got that feeling deep in my stomach again
in the place you once gave me butterflies
is this what it feels like being dead?
I texted- I love you- and you left me on read

I bummed a smoke from a bum on Jackson Square
great, now my phone’s down to 20% and sinking fast
I don’t even remember what the fight was about
so can we just forget it and make up and never mention it again
I don’t remember losing my shoes
the band across the street was playing the blues
and the kick of the bass drum pounded my head
my phone died, I took off my socks and cried, you left me on read

I could make up a hundred million different reasons
why I’ve been hiding from the sun for a week
my pillow’s getting sick of me
I keep talking to my cat, but she just doesn’t speak