Romance is not just
between a pretty she
and a dark him
Romance may happen between
the naked river flowing restlessly
through the hard limbs of the rocks
Romance is felt between
a quiet virgin morning
tucked in a loose sheet of sky
and the naughty sun
spreading gold
all over her body
A day is born, then
In this day, romance is seen at
a local restaurant
with a bunch of women
laughing over unfinished jokes
It’s the joy of being a girl all over again
without having to fill the moment
with any real boys

Written by

Shailja Sharma (Ph.D.), USA, is a mental health provider and a multilingual author. Apart from scholarly publication and editorial service, her literary writings have been nationally and internationally published.  She is currently serving on the editing panel of a UK-based journal of poetry and artwork. Dr. Sharma's publications have appeared in many literary journals/forums of repute across USA, Canada, UK, and Asia. Credits: Beautiful Space, Spillwords, Literary Heist, Piker Press, Better Than Starbucks, Life in 10, Masticadores, Setu, among other forums. She is the author of a poetry book, "Dear Mama: An Immigrant's Secret Cry," by Pittsburgh-based Setu. Her next collection, "Sip the Roses" is upcoming via ABP Press, USA. She is currently participating in several anthologies being published nationally and internationally.
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