heartbreak — hers and mine

beauty brings joy     not sadness

yet somehow my heart breaks

small pieces     at the overbearingness

the hardness     the shape and curve


All baby softness

All zerberts on your belly

All ability to kiss away the pain

a scrapped knee off the sidewalk

   it’s easier 

when it’s screams and cries

when you ran in for a hug

I bounced you on a knee     made you laugh


 your feet will touch the ground

                                              and I’m lost

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Jason Melvin is a father, husband, grandfather, high school soccer coach, and metals processing center supervisor, who lives just north of Pittsburgh. Most of his poems come to him while riding his lawnmower around the yard.

His work has recently appeared in The Beatnik CowboyOlneyRat's Ass Review, Bombfire, Front Porch Review, Orangepeel, Anti-Heroin Chic, Zero Readers and Sledgehammer, among others. He was nominated for a Pushcart by Outcast and was named second runner up for the Heartwood Poetry Prize 2021.


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