Four-letter words – ends with e


the way to woo me nowadays
nine letters
a bad habit of yours that keeps me up at night
seven letters
the colour I died my hair in second year of college
when I wanted to reinvent myself
a young Winona Ryder – five letters
we both have grandmas with this name
seven letters
eight-letter word – the first band you played for me
on your discman underneath the school stairs
how you wooed me in high school
again underneath those stairs
six letters


four-letter word – ends with e
significant month in our lives
anniversary, daughter’s birthday
if our love was an angsty teenager, they would be this age
seven letters
we shared our first kiss on this overrated holiday
eleven-letter word
on our first date we went here
driven by me in my mom’s minivan – four letters
five-letter word, starts with s
the playground equipment where my water broke with our second-born
what we do when the kids go to bed
four letter word
ends with k