give him ransom when you see him

if i want to pen such love stories, i must find feet in another continent
i must start with the sun rays on his lips that is transparent in my soul
how his strong cheeks with dimples softens the roughness of my palm
I begin with the rhythm of his steps
that command authority and pushed blood into the veins adjacent my hips
each step is a dance of confidence commanding the ground
i’ll talk of the oval face
brown retina, my eyes lost in wonderland
brown skin glowing in the day’s mirror
an emblem of handsome
posture strong, assertive gait
swaying me to the dead & casting a spell of lust
baritone of thunder rocking me to the core
phonetics polished like tea
his laughter is sweet, sturdy
I remember the first time our hands met
an electric current ignited our beings,
a miracle fell in an instant
he is a vision of an apple tree;
i stare at the ceiling
I imagine how both kinds of mirrors bow in worship to his reflection
though i’m kidnapped in Ghana
when you encounter him, do not offer flowers to him, but pay his ransom