echoes in my mind elevate to ecclesiastical dissonance
as I rebuke the Man from my upbringing and my afterlife
to shroud myself in your vines.
sent as a vessel to eclipse my faithless fury
with blind reverence, revealing intentions too late
for me to crawl back from the edge I pushed myself to.
Death sent in disguise as an angelic soul
whose voice sparked heavenly choral confessions,
yet whose hand delivered the dagger strike as I slept
and woke to cool chapel chorus line of bled-out girls.
your book of Revelations kept from my eyes,
hidden behind careless cowardice as
your flaming sword triumphs the next.
Deathbed envelops me in the absence of your embrace
as I turn to the figure of wrath I denounced
in favour of your blasphemous beauty,
and pray for an audience seat at your judgement day.
and you may forget me but by God I’ll never forgive you.