Bleed for it

I stand up, clear the plates.

                                                                                       He asks if I’m okay.

Oh yeah, long day.
Toss the scraps, dodge the little ones underfoot.
He sits by his father and scrolls.
They compare advertisements online.
Tiller for sale. Drill press, sawmill.
I fill the sink, silently add the soap and silverware.
He comes over for another beer,

                                                                                       He asks if I’m okay.

Oh yeah, just tired.
He sits back down and pops the top.
I swirl the water, flirt with the filet knife.
The filet knife flirts back.
Red ripples in the water and I get a cloth.
Try to stop the bleeding, tenderly.

                                                                                      He asks if I’m okay.

Oh yeah, I’m fine.
Just bleeding internally.

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Julianna is a mother, wife, creative writing student, and wears many other hats in between. Born and raised on the east coast of Canada, she is continually inspired by nature and people.
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