You hold my love

You hold my love like a bird 

With a broken wing 

You nurse what feels like 

A forever alteration 

And fix me a splint — 

A twig of hope for my

Fragile ailments 


You cradle me in love 

Soothing coos calling 

A burst of butterflies 

Paper wings sprawling 

Mine with liquid stitches 

That only come from 

Wet-lipped kisses


I feel forever changed 

Yet instead of broken 

It’s freer 

This kind of love is seen

Reminding me of the notion

That I don’t need flight 

To feel emotion 


Even broken wings can still

Use feet 

To pitter the path

And meet the future with glee 

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Shelby Catalano is a Pacific Northwest based poet and writer. She's been published in Poetically Magazine and the Deviant: Chronicles of Pride anthology from Inkfeathers Publishing. Her debut poetry collection From Heartbreak to Hopeful is coming out this spring. She enjoys used bookstores and nebulously traveling to chase off existential dread. Visit to learn more.
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