we’re swimming

and in love, i think
climbing over each other laughing
you push me down
and we’re struggling against the current
but it’s fun and salty and us
naturally, i get on your back
and we’re a force
pushing against god
my arms flanked in front of you
screaming, a fruitless war with water
but it’s fun and salty and us
your hair wet against my skin
soft, because i love

can i hold on to you and this moment?
moving fast i
find it escapes me
the tide, you, my feet
i’d gladly let it take me, pull
me out from what i understand
if you’d come too
but you don’t
who am i in this ocean without anchor?
i can give myself to the sound
bury my aching knees in absence
it’s salty and slow
but not us
sometimes i imagine
the blueness of this ocean matches my insides
bursting with languid teals and muted desire
i want so much to love you in our ocean
but (lately) i sense
it’s only mine