Two Poems

Emily Dickinson


a lovely test perched in her throat

                                           like a song


                                      waiting to fly

                   from the hyoid bone —


                                   for decades after

               she embraced susan’s body


                                      penciling love

letters                                    & poems 

                                   on scrap papers


                               though suspicion

            about their passionate affair 



                  so they washed their feet

                     for their journey ahead


            covered themselves in sheets 

        until their bodies were hidden


                               and names erased:

                                           later found 




i want to sew     stones     inside 

pockets of skin. tired   of   floating

let me sink     in the uninhabited parts

of soft fat   plush & kept warm.

your belly noises & rhythms:   heart 

beat.  exhale.  heartbeat.  inhale. 

a rumble     of     stomach. the giggle

hollow from your lungs   through 

your chest   to my ear   to my brain —

i love you in    many languages

yet     the silent kind   is   best.