Two Poems

day break


day broke 

on your face


i flicked moon crumbs 

off your eyebrows


& watched your pupils 

dew honey & malt


dawn yawned &

raven desires


caw at a distance.

something is birthed 


in me. a blessing.

but every blessing comes 


with a curse, an emptiness, 

a pang of lust—


the appetite of mists, 

the thirst of waterfalls,


the longing of chaste 

wings for ovulating skies.


come, ease into me,

breakfast of sunlight, 


fill my morning

with your grace.




I’m here,

lump of sugar


on a desolate anthill

wondering when 


your swarming

affection relocated


Wind has forgotten 

the taste of songs


Birds no longer chirp

Stars carry their wings 


in a sling

The moon lay still 


in an open casket

Night is nude, 





asking for mercy

But you’re not here


to pour fuel, 

to water the fire