Two Poems


The southern side

of your radiance

is a pour
of white lights

held in a child’s
worn blanket –

a glass of warm bourbon. 

I have peered
through your window

with stagger

and molten eyes.
Without the embassy

of your love, I would curl

in a fish bowl and drown.


Everything Turns Sweet 

Summer seeks Autumn as an aged fig heart
Illuminates the warm water of our circle.
A spot in the ripe sky;
A pocket of air between the salt and the ocean’s
wings wrapped with fig brandy and pulp linen–
the distance between us is a heart crease.
The end of each muscle stops.
Magnolia leaves submerge in the deep,
a kiss along the ridge of memory.
I do not recall.
I cannot forget.
A mist of lamplight slopes into the horizon.
She opens the brine of loss as
I nuzzle the last of our salt.