Two Poems

Ensconced in Only Velvet 

Ensconced in only velvet midnight skies
In starless stark October moonlit field,
You wandered through recesses of my eyes
And came to me in visions soft and sealed.
So soon I saw your synchronistic smile
And soon I was relying on your hand,
Right then, you said you’d walk with me a mile
And then you saw me through your sea and sand.
You guided me through sorrow’s cedar swamp
Your spark’ling soul was there to help me climb
The cliffs of love without ideals or pomp.
So now I sit and write this little ode,
Filled with a feeling in my heart sublime,
Rememb’ring all the debt to you I owed.


The Center of Gravity

Two bodies in orbit
Circling and circling
Never meeting until their time
Never meeting until
the destiny of their endless
starlit sky compels them
to entangle their dreams.
Only in orbit can these
bodies stalk in narrowing gyre.
Only in the space of the mind
can they truly become one.
Under Milky Way heavens,
emerging from cosmic
filth of time and
history’s somber sleep,
in the space of a minute,
the planets form
and awaken
to gaze into each other’s eyes.
They awaken to watch
the rising and falling
of a breast as it breathes.
Inhaling the clear crisp
October night.
The planets carve their initials
in park benches
and in beech tree wilderness.
The planets are locked
in boundless dance.
To the music of the spheres,
they twirl and twirl.
Until their jubilant collapse,
they twirl and twirl.



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