Tinder Love

I’m reduced to only so many squares
each box only a sliver of a glimpse—
one day he looks suave
the next he’s adventurous and shit
wait, did he meet Normani? that’s lit
then there’s the box that says so little
I’m supposed to spill my guts
gotta make it concise though
but no one reads it, so what the fuck?!
oh wait I misspoke—there’s a couple
still it’s what they see that pulls
like the moon making the Earth’s tides
I make them swipe
accumulating like after like
just to still be at home alone

so this is swiping right.

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Interested in the arts and storytelling from a young age, Dre Hill sought to combine his passion for literature and cartoons. Hill is an artist and storyteller who was born in Fort Worth, Texas. He graduated from Drury University in 2021 with his B.A. in Animation and Writing. He currently resides in Fort Worth, where he continues to find art in the everyday things and people that surround him daily. When not creating, Dre is likely around town with family and friends, soaking in rich experiences and delicious foods. Or hanging with his puppy Jet. He can be found on all social platforms at @drehillart.
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