things to tell (you) – part 2

that I’ve let a lot people have me but maybe you’re the first one I want to touch

it’s ok if I can’t

that there’s no laissez-faire here

yes, I believe you

that I hope you also get something anything at all from all of this so it’s not me just taking

you had me at “we will”- those words knocked the air out of my lungs,
like a good sucker-punch to the gut, made me pause and double-take- likely just quick letters off
the tips of your fingers because that is
what you do and what you are- astonishing.
to me, it was a blanket wrapped tightly around me. I felt/feel

that I am paper, and I am fully watching the burn- the racing flames, the crumpling, the thinning,
the translucence, the disappearing. I am longing to be embers and ashes. It’s a beginning not an

I may have waited my whole life for my self to be

sometimes a single word or thing you do electrifies me and always it’s unexpected so it’s shocking
and it’s the best thing ever

how I did not know what was missing but now that I have found it, there’s no slow walk back and
ahead is foggy and unknowing; my feet are sore, I am too needy and there’s a weariness

in the same breath, I am speeding aimlessly yet full of intention with a throat full and my head
dancing-a sureness- like there’s no stopping me now

I can’t reconcile the inner workings of my own self

I know it’s probably too much, I am
too much, but

seven months and one day, I’ll be the one tracing the edge of the glass sitting in semi-darkness on
a brick-lined road in Holburn

I don’t know where you will be, but I will be watching for you