The Mistress

The view from the window was astounding as the airliner broke through the clouds and made a gentle left turn, crossing in all its glory the tiled roofs, patches of desert sandwiched between luscious green grass which could be artificial or natural, in continuing the descent for landing. There in the distance, the flashing lights and distinctive architectural designed hotels which gave this city its history, glamour and glitz. Now his heart beat faster, and his palms became clammy not because of sweat, but due to the anticipation of tons of metal slamming on concrete and on purpose.  He was coming home where his love resided and the only one who fulfilled his needs. This was Las Vegas, Nevada.

Now his right leg bobbed up and down as the aircraft taxied off the runway to its assigned gate. Beads of perspiration formed on his temples out of worry hoping that he and his fellow passengers would sit for an extra needless number of minutes not only waiting to park but also, waiting as some trainee meticulously operated the boarding bridge resulting in the wasting of more precious amount of time he did not have to spare.

The stress was all for not as the aircraft door swung open and fresh cool air came swarming into the tube of metal like angry bees looking for honey. He was already in the aisle greeting the sweet smell with his carry-on bag gripped in his hand. It was another step in his carefully planned escape to meet her.

Down the aisle he walked and if he could run he would, but the aisles were too narrow. He gave a courteous smile and nod to the flight attendant as an acknowledgment for her work as he exited. Once in the jetway, he passed an elderly lady using the handrail as a guide and support. Exiting into the gate area and terminal, walking left and then right to avoid the chattering bridal party still dressed in matching t-shirts, finishing up their last moments of her farewell to singlehood party.

I’m never alone with her in my life, he reflected in thanks as he continued, avoiding the cell phone user, another wearing an oversized headphone, and still yet another wearing sunglasses, on the phone and holding a cup of coffee- all of them either oblivious or just did not care that there were others trying to walk by as he was already late for the terminal train.

It was the airport train that shuttled arriving passengers from the gate to the baggage claim and transportation, already knowing it was not there. He looked at his watch despite that looking at the time would not speed anything up. But he had hoped it would. It had to be there. She was waiting, and he needed to see her.

At last, the train arrived. He exhaled and boarded and like he always did, positioning himself near the opposite doors which allowed a quick exit and little time wasted. He moved his lips as he counted down the seconds and upon reaching zero, the doors slid shut and the train began rolling again. Another countdown and again as soon as he reached zero, the doors slid open. He exited and walked down the escalator, knowing ahead there would be yet another delay. This one he allowanced for since the time was unknown. Along with the train not being there, although knowing the amount of time to wait, the other was waiting for his checked bag.

His usual routine was to never check a bag for it was too much of a hassle and of course, the baggage fee. But he always knew she would wait because she was patient and he was not. He smiled for as soon as he arrived at the assigned carousel for his flight, for it was fitting that he would have to chase his bag which was already circling and waiting for him. He owed it to fate for she knew, she always knew, he could not wait to touch her.

Now the second expected delay he could never control nor account for was the shuttle to the hotel. But again, fate had his number for as soon as he exited the terminal into the typical sunny day of Las Vegas, the van was already there. Once again, he inhaled the fresh air sprinting across to the desolated concrete island, ignoring the sounds of conversations, various motor engines idling and revving, and the occasional car horn blaring, handing his bag to the driver with a nod of acknowledgement and boarded. Yet there was another surprise, as the bus departed, for there were only four other passengers with a total of three stops including himself.  To no shock, he deduced he was the lone traveler as the four others were what might not be couples but at the very least, travelling together. But that did not matter for this was Las Vegas and, he knew that someone special was waiting for him.

The driver confirmed the hotels and now he knew he would be the third and last stop. No matter, on every shuttle ride he always reflected on how he met her. The day was hot and humid which was typical for this type of year known as the monsoon season.  The casino was crowded filled with both vacationers and those attending conventions. Again, not surprising for it would not be the strip in the entertainment capital. People strolled along the drab carpet admiring the sights, the sounds, enjoying the cool and oxygen infused air. A camera flash would go off every so often of someone not taking a picture of the sights but as usual, themselves or a selfie.

But one flash caught his eye and there she was bathed in the glowing light like an angel who just descended from the heavens. To this if under oath, he would state he had heard a celestial choir singing from the heavens as he admired her beauty. It took two drinks and an overpriced meal to build up his confidence before he could even approach her. But once he did, he never let go nor did he regret it.

At first, she would not accept him but at last after several tries, she did. She lit up and by doing so, saved his soul. Over and over he was with her, no matter the day, no matter the time though sometimes she never gave, it was those times she did in which he savored. He loved the feel of her for she felt right in his arms, always putting a smile on his face, never questioning and never wavering. She was the only one who could keep him happy and filling the vast emptiness of his heart and soul.

  Time always passed at a high rate of speed when he reflected upon her and before he knew it, the driver had to remind him twice they had arrived at his hotel. Now the last of the expected delay could begin, standing in line to check-in. Soon this would be a simple nuisance for he would achieve elite status with the ability to stroll into a room enclosed with privacy glass, be handed his room key and ushered to his room. No matter how or when he checked-in, he had to- no, needed to, be refreshed and look his best before he could meet her again.

Waiting in line with the masses was the longest delay and made up for the earlier anticipated times. He didn’t know what to do with his hands for he knew they were empty and again clammy. He wanted her and needed her now. Just the anticipation of being near her, being so close and yet so far, beads of perspiration began to form on his temples, his heart began to beat faster, and his legs felt like jelly. Still the line trudged along until at last, he was in the elevator letting out a long exhale as the elevator doors closed, moving up towards his floor and designated room. Lady luck was on his side as there no other riders- again, he was alone, and thus no other stops at any floor but his.

Thirty minutes later after unpacking and a hot shower, he was in the elevator once again-and as usual, the lone rider. As soon as the doors opened to the casino floor, he trotted out and though he could navigate with his eyes closed, he never did in order to quicken his pace for he could wait no more.

Within minutes she came into view, beautiful and radiating as ever. No doubt she was waiting for him and though there was somebody near her, but no worries for it was just a cocktail server. Yet it did not matter for she was his alone. And although the cocktail server was pretty despite wearing her standard skimpy outfit used to attract not only tips but entice drinking, glanced at him as he neared with her eyes widening with a slow teasing, lip slightly parted smile. But he could not have a drink yet and he smiled back while also averting lingering eye contact and by doing so, he acknowledged her presence and denying any service.

At last it was time and she glowed with anticipation knowing that he was there. He caressed her letting know that he too missed her. With utmost care, he unfolded the one that would make her gleam even more. He laid it there at the opening, but would she accept him on the first try? Would she tease him as she so often did several times? Or would she accept him part way and then reject him? This foreplay was why she was his favorite.

But she too could wait no longer and accepted him the first time glowing with delight and emitting various noises of glee. The cocktail server moved closer and hovered near. Her cheap perfume just barely covering the odors of stale cigarettes and watered-down liquor filled his senses. She was ready to join maybe out of jealousy, or willing to partake in any of the possible numerous rewards he and his love would enjoy together.

He ignored her, just like the others who would also be watching, waiting for their turn at his love. Instead, he caressed her buttons, letting her know she was the only one for him. He paused deciding which button might be the magic one that would make him thrust his arms up in glee with an everlasting smile. He knew of course she would partake equally in the pleasure with gleeful noises and vibrations and one would make his shoulders slump with no smile, resulting in a tired trudge back to his lonely hotel room.

He found the button through the sense of his fingertip, the one that made his heart skip a beat and she teased him as usual by showering him with several but soft noises. He changed it up by pulling her arm and still more of the same soft purrs of pleasure emitted albeit, a little louder indicating that she too was enjoying the game. Despite all this, he felt a sense of serenity for at long last he could be himself. No more clammy hands, leg shakes or beads of perspiration forming. This is what she brought to their relationship and it was exactly what he wanted and needed.

But this was just the beginning of the back and forth between he and his love and if it necessitated it, he would be with her all-night long. He waited long enough and hoped that he had the stamina to continue but he neither had the youth nor the means to continue the courtship until there was a major change that he hoped she would bring him. And she would, he just knew she would for he would wait for he had the willingness, the unfulfilled desires and passion for she filled every void including the minute spaces of his empty heart and life.

Again, he pressed a button, the smile never leaving his face as he watched her screens spin, reflecting the elation in his eyes she brought to him so many times.