That Moment When I Was In The Center of The Universe

He looked at me today,
A gaze that penetrated my body.
And in that moment, as time stood still,
somewhere in the galaxy,
a star exploded.
And the speed of the matter that was
launched across the universe,
matched the speed of my racing heart.

But in the next second, or perhaps the next century
for how does one truly measure time in space?
His eyes turned away.
Leaving me,
motionless in a corridor
a stagnant drop of a person in the streams of people
brushing incessantly past me.
Never-ending, constantly rushing,
on a predesignated path
with no assured destination in sight.

And I, the drop in the stream,
Unable to resist the ever-growing current,
was pulled away.
Away from the gaze that,
for a moment, or for a century,
placed me at the center of its universe.