Sorry That The Young Guy Left You An Old Man

I know you didn’t see it coming
all those years ago
when you took up with him–
the young guy,
the one who knew the world,
who knew you, or seemed to,
the one
with the good looks,
the quick charm, and
even an occasional
deep thought—or so
it seemed to you, a
guarded maiden of
another world, far away
from his world of sex
and adventure, a bit
reckless with both…

is that what drew you
to him, in spite of your
self it appeared to both
friends and family?

You were beautiful,
with a rich daddy,
a smart mommy—so
why him? Tall, yes,
good-looking, sure,
but what did he have
to give you? Some
debt, some hope,
but little more.

Still, you came to
love him, to marry
and live with him,
for years then more
years then decades
until one day you
found out that he,
the young man
who somehow had
grabbed your heart,
was gone, vanished,
disappeared from
the face of the earth
or so it seemed…
and in his place he left
an old man, not thin,
not handsome, not
even very wise as
the old should be if
they have nothing else.

And now this old man
rummages round the
house like a tired bear,
and you must look on
him and think, why?
But you don’t, do you,
you don’t ever ask
where the young man
went, as long as the
old man stays….