Silent Tears

Cruel are those tears that slip, silently down without a sound,
The most sorrowful noiseless scream, no solace to be found.

Welling up from a place deep within, where there lives no light,
Skittering haplessly in the air, a wispy delicate kite.

For even if there were a sound, some hopeless whimper of pain,
It could never be as heartbreaking, as this emotion without a name.

These tears come when, there is quite simply no energy left,
Giving themselves to the souls, so hopelessly bereft.

For they slip in silently, when there seems no reason left to call out,
No motivation, no purpose, no one at which to shout.

When the voiceless soul no longer has the strength, to give words to what is meant,
There flow the tears of the greatest sorrow, the forlorn’s lament.

I am told these tears come, at the times when the soul cannot speak,
Slipping from the eyes and falling, over the downturned cheeks.

It is a heart wrenching sight to behold, one so inflicted with these tears,
To wonder at the reason so saddening, a voiceless cry of which no one hears.

When the soul finds no reason, to give voice to its burdened thoughts,
At times there is simply sadness, when all seems at the moment lost.

And though this great sadness pierces the soul, still we persevere,
Lifting our heads high, letting fall those silent tears.