Red Sky At Morning

There was a red sky at morning. It should have been a warning…

To say I miss you says almost nothing at all,
for my heart beats within this empty space,
and even when I close my eyes I see yours:
those inky pools of black within that face.


You drew me in with those eyes of the night
and I without hesitation did soon follow;
you filled my ears with words and sighs
and yet how can one’s heart be so hollow?


I know you loved me in the only way you knew
and that what you told me came from the heart;
yet you only told me what you felt was best,
and this sifting of the truth can be such an art.


You said you’d give to me both body and soul,
yet you wanted not only my heart but my head;
I loved you more for what you might have been
than I ever did for what you promised or said.


You’ve lost everything except the memories,
but you will never be left completely alone;
you will feel me and my love surround you,
for the empty heart still beats on its own.

Red Sky At Mourning…