potentially poetically licensed Halloween ‘n growing-old dramas aren’t for sissies [part 2739]

although I am still young
in mind well as body
or at the very least
deluded enough
can imagine
that to seem
true regards

if leave fantasies about
you aside this aging
process becomes
an increasingly
quick pain in
our assets as
watch buds

no way around fraying
telomeres despite all
manner exer/orcise
and socialization
plus healthful
habits range
from food
to sleep.

yesterday gave us novel
wrinkle in time warp
when hosted friends
who’d recently lost
partners but were
ready to restart
motors of teen

afterwards they each
sheepishly texted
apology for blab
too much since
really nervous
tho agreed on
a first date to
see Barbie.

Then there’s my lifelong
dear friend-cuz artfully
dodged so many dire
brushes with cancers
now confronts nother
looming endgame…
must choose among
mainly bum options

which include give up
any ghost of survival
oy go home to enjoy
remaining days with
family or take yet
one more trip vs
stay his course

employ latest greatest
chemo ranges from
onomatopoeia Rx
Bleomycin bitch
sounds straight
outa Dickens
or ride to

again magically melt
each ‘n every tumor
never surrender
task academic
medical center
devise newest
miracle amen.

However Saturday
fall morning let’s
suspend future
mourning for
present opp
to be with