If we break
It wouldn’t be from a fall, but from a whisper
That echoes every time I hear silence
Each time I wait for the words to come
The adoring glance
To catch you looking at me, smiling
But the words don’t come
And you’re looking down
at your phone
Or smiling
at the girls
And I could be
And I tell you I’m proud of you
Because I’m so damn proud
And I tell myself I’m proud of me too
Because I’m so damn proud
But it would mean so much to hear the words
To catch you sneak a glance, nodding adoration
The echoes reverberate
I think we would recover from a fall
But the echoes
could break us


She’s in a mood
What did I do
Or not do
I’m sure she‘ll tell me eventually
Dropped everything to be home early
Have to respond to that email
And that one
And that one
Check the golf match
Why is she so angry
Not into playing games
Of course I love her, she knows I love her
We will have time for us eventually
This is a season
Why is everything catastrophized
We aren’t doomed
Doomsday isn’t here
Get a grip on reality
Love is an action
I’m here
I’m here
I’ve always been here
Not going anywhere