My Horoscope Said to Wait 6 Weeks

Good luck finding your flame
when stuck in a retrograde phase.
I can’t explain what that means
anymore than I can the notion
of celestial body alignment.

The flap made about turning the corner,
or the page, sends the message
that pushing the envelope
might ignite a heated exchange.
Watch it all unfold as the patterns hold.

The fortuneless cookie I once received
spoke volumes in one ear and out the other,
as if nothing under the table
will ever savor the solstice.
I left a generous tip nonetheless

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Charles Brand is a teacher and counselor in the Florida Department of Corrections who enjoys using any spare time and inspiration in the pursuit of writing. Holding a master’s degree in western history, Charles is motivated to blend formal and informal skills in creative writing and persuasion to attract readers who wish for more of the printed word.
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