Midsummer Drift

We stare at each other with the viscosity

of honey, yellow against the warmth of a star.

Sticky like the clouds you pluck,

sticking them to my back like wings.

Watch me fly like a lost bird searching for home.


We are adrift like a summer breeze

Never quite there but not invisible.

You touch with your feathered finger, love

As soft as an unsewn thread like dripping

Nectar in the middle of day, inviting, evaporating.

Watch me love like a bumblebee yearning for sweet.


We live like budding roses and harvested peaches, bursting

pulp round and full and ponderous. Lean like the shyest hello,

hesitant goodbyes sticky in the ceiling of your mouth

Till morning breaks our dreams like mournings.

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Christiana Jasutan (she/her) is a Chinese-Indonesian writer currently pursuing her degree in BA English and Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. She is the Publication Editor for Writers' Bloc and the Magazine Editor and Social Media Manager for small leaf press. She explores embodiment, identity, childhood, love, emotions, and metaphors in her work. Chat with Christi on her Twitter @ChristiJasutan, or see more of her work on Instagram @cacaolatte.writes.

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