Ash confetti shrouds campfire confessions
Flickering between the last two awake
As they bake tinfoil trial and errors
And ember smouldered smores
Smoke wanders towards the stars
Cirrus clouds trace the constellations
The last two guess at their names
Wrapping their revelations in tangents
Mapping out Orion, Gemini, and
“A bear, wait, no, I swear that’s the dog?”
Looking up as their marshmallows
Fizzle into flames, sugar drizzling
Over half-charred logs, sparks flying
Landing in leaves lounging below trees
Heat seeping back into the ground
Glow fading as the last two kiss
Neither knowing how it happened
In the fire’s gold and moon’s silver
While their campmates snore by the river
And the trees consider their classic debate
If two friends confess their love in a forest
And there’s no one around to hear
Did they ever make a sound?