Inked Imaginations

How do you hold someone who is made of air?
You are nothing but wisps of imagination and words of ink,
But not to me, you aren’t.

I know you
I have always known you.
You were forged from the depths of my loneliness,
Crafted with complexity and creativity.

You sent me letters and flowers,
Your fragrant words flowed around me.
I clutched the petals until they rotted,
I kissed the promises sealed in ink.

Let me run away with you, spin me around with longing and welcome me with want.
Let me be your creation instead, a sum of your desire.
Let me live with you, away from the toils and turns separating us.
Make me yours.

But you didn’t promise.
For you had no mouth outside the words I gave you,
And no ears to hear my plea.

I knew this,
But when you disappeared,
I cursed you because you left the faint fragrance, the wishful words,
And me.