Celestial realms so blue, like a river
trickling, and I want to know where you are.
When you see this same sky, do you rush down
into the grass blades and let your mind cut

to me? Do you roll your neck against
the tree and curve your finger beds
into its bark? Turn your head to the side,
hear the birds calling. I could run

through the forest to find you. My feet
are already calloused, stepping on hot stones.
Stubborn, I am, so it wouldn’t be so hard
to ignore the physical a minute,

delve into our mental connection. Can you tell
I have emotions? Blue, green, brown, gray.
Vibrant, muted, complimentary. You as well
have a mixed palate, so I soar, when,

where are you? All I can find is verdant love.
But I think the tweeting melody knows you know
how to follow. And the bubbling water is
already running, so I don’t think I’ll need join.