Disparity in Love

What was supposed to be the purest,
the fairest: a swarm of lilies
sauntering ‘midst the summer blooming;
hills haunted by a host of snows.

Is now a garage of rages,
a caged stage,
where weaponed words engage
to gauge memories on a page.

When one’s face is strong,
the other’s long
amidst the droughty gist that fills
the tummy of their tie.

Crumb of wishes
creeping on media’s posts
are the remains of a once giant union.

Life is but a globe,
at times, going for who wants you
is the true route to rolling over

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Josh Pampam is a Hairstylist who fell in love with poetry after his High school days and writes it in his leisure time. He's from Ota, in Ogun State, Nigeria. His poems have been featured in many magazines like Cathartic lit, Spillwords, Praxis online magazine, Writers Space lit mag, etc. And has won himself accolades from Facebook groups and WhatsApp platforms. He is currently working as a moderator for an online Poetry Institution. In his leisure time, if Josh is not writing poems, he's reading them.
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