Author: Victoria Leigh Bennett

Victoria Leigh Bennett, (she/her).  Resident in Greater Boston area, born WV.  B.A., Cornell University, M.A. & Ph.D., University of Toronto.  Degrees:  English & Theater.  Website started 2012:, now contains 8 novels & various reviews/articles mostly of literary nature.  Pub'd. "Poems from the Northeast," 334 pp., August 2021.  Poem repub'd. from book, September 2021.  CNF pub'd. @press_roi, January 2022.  Fiction pub'd. @press_roi, January 2022.  Poetry pub'd. @cultofclio, January, 2022.  Short fiction acc'd. for pub. @press_roi, February 20, 2022.  "Scenes de la Vie Americaine (en Paris)" acc'd. for pub. @thealienbuddha, February 2022.  Has also written 1 collection short stories.  Current WIP:  9th novel, new Poetry/Fiction/CNF.  Regularly on Twitter @vicklbennett, sometimes on Facebook at Victoria Leigh Bennett.  Victoria is a member of the disabled community.