As a Nap

You treaded in my life
as a fragrant breeze
kissing and crossing rustling leaves
in a youthful spring,
as soothing sunlight
diving down through
the scattered clouds
in a cold day,
your smile as the first glimpse
of the moon
in the moon-lit night
in a serene sky
filled up the gap
of waiting alone
and it filled up
my uncounted lonely nights,
before your tender soles
touched my slippery ground
there was an intense silence
like the moment
before a strong storm,
after your departure
the hovering clouds
covered the smiling rays
falling down with grace
a thick carpet
of penetrating unrest
covered all the land
pushing me ruthlessly
on the brink of fearful nights
with a chaotic vacuum.
there was no room for my dream
to set its feet once again
on the devastated ground longing for
your pristine smile once again.
for another dream
I needed sleep again
only my heart knows
how can I sleep again?
I woke up forever when you first came
and I could never sleep again.

I carry, in my lungs,
even now the hot breaths
that you exhaled
in the moment of love,
for measuring the age
of my own breaths.
I don’t say
your arrival was like a regular visit
in a crowded college-canteen,
I can’t even say
it was a scheduled rendezvous
in a deserted park
in a remote hamlet,
it was like an expected bloom
in a beautiful spring
after a rough winter.
to me it seems a nap,
in a nap eyes remain closed
for a short time
but breaths know the magic.