Nose curves, to Cupid’s bow, to vulnerable expanses of skin

over weaknesses. Pressing kisses to his neck,

Floating in aquarium coral arrangements, euphoric,

             engulfed together, encapsulated together,

His throbbing heart, chilled atop my slabstone altar,

Heat falling from his body in waves, to my stiffness

His warmth, like hands constricting around my throat


Sweat in the form of jellies swim and swirl by us, skin to skin to skin

Tongues slapping into their cradles.

Wet, muscular tongues

Torsion, contortion,

bound by wet hair, agonized eyes

Skin. Skin, skin.




Bruised lips, flushed with fresh, hot blood.

Plump with , buzzing with       touch:              excitement

Preparing for another kiss

Bracing           for something as delicate 

            as sensuality?


Warmonger defenses built armored walls

Fortified with force, with fear

To face sensuality, its soft, swollen sex,

Lips over teeth encasing tongues

Swimming in saliva